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Welcome to 'Yun Free Stock Photos'. This is the site of world largest class free stock photos over 6000 images and up to 600 mega pixel high resolution. Images can be modified and be used for commercial purposes without fee under the license.


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  • Sister Site

    A nap of wind
    This is my friend's site containing his photo material collection consisting of about 1500 photographs. These photographs are also easy to use as raw materials. Please visit this site, too.

  • Stitched Panorama Works

    Stitched Panorama Works
    I let a lot of photographs stitched a panorama photograph of the world's largest level.
    Please enjoy the world of the super high resolution image.

  • for Cellular Phone Version

    Wall Papers for Cellular Phones.

  • Please Link to This Site

    You can freely link your site to this Web page. I hope that many people visit this site to see my works. If you like, please set a link on your site to this Web page.

  • I need Your Help

    I think you feel strange these English sentences in this web site, cause these were translated by a computer. I hope some volunteer staff to translate it from Japanese original. Please contact me.

  • Donation is Welcome

    You can use my photos freely under the license term. But, donation is welcome. Push following button to donate me $5. Thank you.

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