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Category: Woods, Location: Aichi Prefecture

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No.3309 An aged tree of Kusu

photo,material,free,landscape,picture,stock photo,Creative Commons,An aged tree of Kusu, Shinto shrine, a camphor tree, camphor tree, Shinto straw festoon

It is an aged tree of a divinized camphor tree growing in Atsuta-jingu Shrine of Nagoya.
Camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II , Distagon 21mm F2,8
Location: Japan / Aichi Prefecture
Size:3328 x 4992Pixels

No.9206 Inuyama-jo Castle Osugi

photo,material,free,landscape,picture,stock photo,Creative Commons,Inuyama-jo Castle Osugi, sacred tree, The bark, big tree, castle

It is a cedar next to the castle tower of Inuyama-jo Castle. It was a cedar of 24m in height, but, for 650 years years old, has died in 1965 in the Christian era. It is an opening that Oda Hirochika established a fort in Inuyama-jo Castle in Christian era 1469. The accredited administrative adviser of the Owari feudal clan entered a fortress in the Edo era, and, since Masashige Naruse, Naruse 9's assumed it a castle as the lord of a castle to Meiji. The castle tower which existed was built in about 1617 in the Christian era.
Camera: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III , SIGMA MACRO 70mm F2.8 EX DG
Location: Japan / Aichi Prefecture
Size:3744 x 5616Pixels